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Thursday, March 12, 2009


We conspired a plan during a few cell meetings, to poll people who were able to get free corporate zoo passes. After some simple coordination, we ended up entering 14 pax into the Singapore Zoo without paying a single cent! HAH!!!

It was raining the day before (THUNDERSTORM i would term it).. Personally i was sceptical that it would be nice and sunny on Sun. But God heard Matt's prayer fo good weather and granted us sunshine throughout the trip. As Randy & I rushed over from prayer meeting, we brisk-walked thru to meet up with the rest.

"Australian Outback" - if not mistaken, it's a new highlight of the zoo

There was this Caucasian family who were feeding the kangaroos and i thought this image looked totally "down under"! so i secretly snapped a photo of em'... Heh...
I overheard a guy telling his girlfriend to be careful coz the kangaroo will "box people". *hmmm...*
SHOWTIME! - SPLASH SHOW! To make our trip worthworth, we went for every single animal show available.

I love to gross people out by telling my fav story of how my schmate's tortoise ate up her chinchilla, leaving only the chinchilla's fur in the tortoise tank. A tortoise of this size can definitely devour a rabbit, i'm pretty sure.

enough of animals... Now moving on to PEOPLE...
Our Sep wedding couple!
Love their colourful tops against the green backdrop...
Love the over-exposed backlight...
One of my fav shots for the day!
Zoo's not exactly my fav... NIGHT SAFARI is!!! Though many think it's uneventful but I just love the close contact with the animal in the dark!


Anonymous said...

same same same!! i also like night safari more than the zoo!! copycat!!!

Eliz Thia

Kara said...

Don't think there's a copycat at the Night Safari... Unless u're there la... WAHAHHAHA