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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sneak peek: In conversation with....

I spent my sunday afternoon at the home of a very pretty mum... She looks so radiant, you can't believe she's giving birth in 2 weeks time!

An online-order bolster for baby Esther! It's one of those "charlie-brown-and-his-blanket" thing... A comfort bolster that probably won't be going into the washer for the next few years!

Lil' shoes for the lil' gurl......

The figurine is a wedding gift given to them when they got married abt 1+ yr ago... I found it sitting on the display unit and thought of using it for this shot...
A "mood" shot

Can't believe myself to actually suggest they do the heart-shape on the tummy thang... HAH!

Both of them are such a sweet couple! I'm sure baby Esther will be showered with all the TLC!

Just a sneak peek! More photos coming up real soon!!!!!!!!!!!


BuBBLeS said...

wahahaha... i tot someone say the heart-shape thingy not her style?? lolzzz

soemthing different from your previous photoshoots... but equally excellent :)

JIayou! keep it up!

Kara said...

it's really not my style... but i think the couple so lovey dovey, the heart-shape suited them!

Thank u for ur encouragement! :)

Dinky said...

very nice!!! =)

Kara said...

Thank kew.......!