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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Themed parties!

My sis and I were just chatting abt her wanting to open up the home for our Fri Night Clubbies to chill and hang out...
Some ideas we had:

1) Movies & popcorn + bunk over in Yyn's room
2) Late night supper near our place + bunk over in Yyn's room
3) Cook-our-own-dinner in the clean new kitchen + bunk over in Yyn's room

We went on to explore the potential of THEMED parties and how I can bring my cam to snap us all dressedup and doing silly poses:
1) PJ party
- The previous time we did a pyjamas party, only I showed up in PJs! *Grrrr*

2) Canto-pop KTV night
- dress up like Canto Heavenly Kings/Queens and KTV the night away

3) Grease night
- Play John Travolta & "Grease" soundtracks and dance to them

3) 80s retro party
- Was reading thru some blogs from other photographers and this photo made me laugh-out-loud...

Think my dad owns a shirt in a similar print. HAH! I really like this photo, it's wacky!
So yea friends, if you're invited to a similar party at our place, pls rem to DRESS THE PART. WAHAHAHA.......


bea said...

PJ party is cool. I wore PJs to the one party we had. fun fun! :)

Kara said...

Yea man!!!! It is!! Provided the frenz u invite wear their PJ too.... -_-

june said...

Wahoo..sounds fun..so when's the next party? Me having my hols. U gals still onz for some wacky outing? How abt a retro themed ktv session then we head down for maken in our getup?

Btw, mabel's pix r really nicely taken :)

Kara said...

definitely onz for wacky outing! let's rope the other girls in and put down a date! ;)