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Monday, February 16, 2009

When nature calls!

I was up and about on sun morning to do a photoshoot for an "urgent" call (along with my trusted assistant who had to down 2 cuppas to last the morning...) This mama's giving birth next week! Time-critical, we headed off for a quick shoot with mother nature the next day after receiving the call....

The tireless mum! Kudos to her for lasting thru a 3 hr photoshoot, brisk walking like she had no weight on her... Love her confidence!

With no time to recky the location and no prior walk-about there, we took a walk ard the garden and captured this mama and her tummy before her baby sees the world next week!

Evolution: Not the Darwin's theory.. But more of how the baby is slowly evolving in her...

WATERBAG: An artistic attempt.. This mum was telling us a story abt how during her 1st pregnancy, her waterbag burst without her knowing.. She went abt doing her regular activities! With her 2nd pregnancy, she assured us that she's really experienced now to know when the waterbag has burst and it's time to deliver!

She's such a happy mum, I'm quite positive her boy/girl (she hasn't found out the gender yet) will be a cheerful kid too!

- latest update: this mama has given birth to a healthy baby girl, weighing 3.895kg at 12.15am 17th Feb! - CONGRATS!!!! :)


Yyn said...

Love how you make us of the "waterbag" to type a decription/story behind the water shoot ;)
love the last picture, she look so natural and radiant in that.
Think it would be every Mama's wish to look like her in the last shoot =)

Kara said...

Hehe... Had an inspiration... ;)