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Monday, May 25, 2009

Pet Photography!

I've not been "studying" photography for a while now... Doing up my online blogshop kept me busy! However, last week I took a short break to do some "upgrading" and also spend some time in solitude to seek God...

I picked up 2 really great books... One was about Digital Photography... Another was by a Pet Photographer...
The first book talked abt training your eyes to see like a camera lens... The author wrote that as a photographer, u shld be observant and keep a lookout for things happening. And when events happen, (even if u do not have a camera with u.. which mostly u dun...), snap a mental picture of it in ur brain! When I read it, I surprised myself to realise that I've actually been doing that! Just that I wasn't really aware I was doing it till I read the book... Haaaa....

I was browsing the 2nd book on Pets and it was a photobook.... I never did have a fancy for anything furry... But this book sure inspired me to do some pet photography!

(Centrespread of the book from my red sofa)

Some photo excerpts of the awww-so-cute furry friends that the photographer shot!
If I were to keep a dawg, I wld keep a PUG for sure... I used to have a PUG where I was young... She was the sweetest thing ever (though she smells when it rains.. :P)
My boyfriend tends to think they've got CRAZY EYES.... ^@_@^
Exotic pets! My strong affliation with pugs and PIGS..... Neither is more good looking than the other... Haahah...
Love this photo...!
Time to shoot animal portraiture!!!

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