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Monday, December 1, 2008

LeePheng's maternity shoot

Here's a sneak peek at LeePheng's maternity photoshoot!!!

The pretty mama said that they will be stopping at two, meaning that she's not intending to get pregnant again... Isn't that a bigger reason to capture the memories of her happy belly!

And guess what?! The gender of the baby is still a mystery!!! Isn't that exciting!!!!!!!

The mama with the bright dress!

Her first born.....

If being pregnant isn't becoming sexier, I dunno what is....... Kudos to the mums in the world!
Candid shot! Au naturale....

Inspiration for this shot provided by my sis!

The pair of feet that carries the extra weight!
It was so much fun to shoot them! There were just too many shots that I wanted to upload!!!! I'm in the midst of preparing a slideshow for the pics that was taken... Check back soon!!!!!!!!

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