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Friday, November 14, 2008

My beloved 3

I happened to have ALPHA with me that day when I was at my fiance's place (his mum was having a tupperware party of sorts) and I decided to grab some shots of my two fav soon to be nieces-in-law...

The one on the right is my youngest niece-in-law, Belle. The girl on the left is her new found friend....

Belle is such a friendly kid, she has the natural flair to make friends with anybody!

Both of them are such easy subjects to pose! They listen to instructions!

She's only 3 yrs old but absolutely has the mannerism of an adult!

And this is Laura, the elder sister... She's been quite happy to have lost her two front teeth!

That's Laura giving her uncle Randy a piece of her mind... tough luck trying to play cute with a kid!

Hoping to bring them out to the zoo soon for another photoshoot!!!

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