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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A lazy Saturday morning with my "best friend"

Here's my pug, Cookie. He's currently 5 months old now and has certainly grown quite abit since the first day I brought him home! Not wanting to miss out the precious few months of him growing into a full-grown dog, I decided to set aside a Saturday morning to take some portraits of him...

Here's the little guy looking sleepy...

If I could jump off the chair, I would!!!

That's me, obeying mama when she says "sit"

The signature pug pose. Head tilts!!!

Me and my dearest baby. These images will last me forever!!!

Pucker up now!

You know what they say about the puppy look right?

Sometimes I may look doe-eyed, other times I may cringe and look mean...

Oh mama, can I finally come down now?


Onetrust said...

awww He's so cute!!! >< I've got 2 dogs that suppose to be like him (pug) but my dog is half pug, half zhisu. Kinda weird huh! I'll put them on my blog someday! love all the pictures by the way! :)) I also have a blog too @ http://trust-smileworld.blogspot.com/ come by and say hi sometime! ^^

Kara said...

Lemme know when u post up the pics of ur pug-shitsu!!! I wanna see! Thanks for leaving a comment! :)

Onetrust said...

YES! sure! I'll put it soon! :D

Onetrust said...

Hi! It's me again! Onetrust :)) I just uploaded my dogs' pictures. Hope u would like it! :))