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Friday, July 2, 2010

Cambodia trip - Phnom Penh & Battambang (Part II)

Here's how a typical street in Cambodia looks like... However you will notice less traffic in Battambang (pictured below) as compared to Phnom Penh (which is the business capital)...

A typical "shopping landmark" aka wet market.. This is exactly where the locals shop.. Think "Chatuchat of Cambodia..."

I remember a similar "Clock Tower" landmark in Ho Chi Minh!

In Battambang, there's only 1 shop that sells imported goods (ie: Oreos, wines, Cheetohs)... And here it is... The Cold Storage of Battambang!

Until now, I'm still very puzzled what's 2 Ang-Moh tourists doing in Battambang coz they certainly don't look like they're here to do any de-licing (the Lonely Planet in hand gave them away)... Plus it's a 5 hours drive away from Phnom Penh!!!!

What about horses strolling along the main roads?!!!

Lady boss of a convenience stall?

Battambang Town - School 2
We continued our de-licing project on Day 2 at another school round the corner...

This is my FAV FAV shot... I saw the colourful towels hanging there and so I grabbed one of the little girls for a quick photo... :)

A girl using "turbo dry" on the swing to dry off her hair after the shampooing...

[Girls on the bench waiting for their turn and enjoying the Chuppa Chups that the team gave out...]

The boy on the right, as I was told, was the class gangster... Haahaa

Simple entertainment on the SWING........ Wheeeeeeee........
And more decided to get onboard...
Love this shot of the bunch of mischief!

I remember playing this when I was 8...

How do you make these children smile? Just by hugging them and making them feel loved. 

Make a guess, what this is? 
Answer: Water "Reservoir"
Here's where the school get their water supply... From rain water dripping into this huge urn... Most households do not have taps but drink from wells (mainly without any form of filtration)... In my final post, we move into a rural school and the way they gather water is even more appalling...

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