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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Me & Alpha - behind the scenes

When I first started this blog abt 2 months ago, I said I was gonna take a pic of Alpha (my new dSLR cam). Thanks to my dear sis, she took a pic of me and my cam during one of our recky trips to a very interesting location (which we went 2 days back for my 2nd maternity photoshoot)... It was 5 mins before it poured heavily which explains the dark clouds..

So here it is, a pic of me & Alpha......

Will be posting some sneak previews of the maternity shoot soon!

Meantime, here's some of the behind-the-scene (unglamourous) shots taken by my sis of the shoot.....

Check back soon for the sneak peek of the photos!
(Disclaimer: Special thanks to Yyn for taking the photos in this post)


ladyironchef said...

hello, nice portrait shots there! which sony alpha you using? brought any lens? or using kit lens? haha. i'm using nikon d40 with 60mm macro lens

Kara said...

Hihi!! I'm a LIC fan! (esp of your brilliant food photos!)
I'm using a Canon 450D with kit lens... Juz bought a 1.8f-stop lens (very basic one) but it's a prime lens so I find myself not using it very often.
Nikon D40! Nice..........